Over nursing


After entering university, I found that I began to spend an increasing amount on skin care and beauty products like all girls around me.


But unexpectedly, I was diagnosed with skin barrier damage. I re-examined my behavior. Skin care products are consumed more and more as people’s living standards improve, But do we really need that too many skincare products?

A  lot people believe that facial masks are very effective. I tried to discuss the relationship between facial mask and the consumers’ imagination.

The facial mask is known to all.

There are different kinds of masks according to different sexes, age groups, and skin types. And in the promoting of them, facial masks are usually described as magic that has various efficacy.

The expression by the experiment above was so direct that I soon shifted my focus from consumerism to the behavior of over-nursing itself.


I took a series of performances in which I treat some fruits before eating them.



What I want to show is creating a "seriously funny" feeling. All behaviors are seemingly counter-intuitive but familiar to everyone, so as to bring a new perspective to the audience where they would re-examine themselves.


Over Nursing, 2017

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