The Liitle Town


I recalled what made me become the present, and what made young Bai generation become the present. So I went back to the place where I grew up – a small village called "Shanxi" to observe and record the lives of Bai people in the village.


It contains a diversity of the Bai ethnic youths also left traces of historical changes. Most of the people in the village still live in a large mixed yard which the layout is not much different from that of 100 years ago. Old houses are only occasionally repairing the cracked earth wall because young people are going out to study or work, and the left people who are middle-aged or elder prefer to remain their home.


Homes retain the decorative style many years ago as if it was in a universe separate from the rapid development of Chinese cities. Crowded rooms show signs of life with personal items accumulated over the years, from a western oil painting to a large-screen TV, from a stove used for generations to a coffin prepared in advance by and for the owner himself lying on one side of the room.